Physiology weakness reduces men’s “ability in bed”. Many “men” because of this become stressed, have low self-esteem and do not want to be close to their partners. So how to enhance male physiology? Let’s take a look at the 16 ways below to make “grandpa healthy, grandma happy”, and a happy family.

Physiology weakness in men is what?

Erectile dysfunction refers to a condition of impaired sexual function in men accompanied by a number of characteristic symptoms such as: erectile dysfunction, pain during sex, premature ejaculation, difficulty having children, and decreased sexual desire. Physiological weakness is also divided into many different levels: (1)

  • Mild level: In this first stage, the disease does not have clear symptoms, the patient still desires and has sex normally, but men feel tired and weak, and sometimes it is difficult for the penis to become erect.
  • Moderate level: In the second stage, the patient has some signs of sexual decline. Specifically, sexual activity still takes place but it is more difficult for the “little guy” to have an erection than before, it takes a lot of time for stimulation to “wake up”. But the erection process does not last long, and sperm quality also decreases.
  • Severity: At this stage, it is dangerous and requires alarm because it not only affects sperm quality and the ability to “fight” but also affects reproduction. At this time, men no longer have a strong desire to have sex, their penis is difficult to erect, “the top tells the bottom and the bottom doesn’t listen”.

Erectile dysfunction comes from many causes, including:

  • – Age: This is one of the first listed reasons. After age 40, male sex hormones (testosterone) begin to decline, leading to physiological weakness and reduced desire in men.
    – Metabolic diseases: Dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes,… indirectly and significantly affect male physiology. In addition, diseases such as testicular atrophy, penile cancer, testicular cancer, etc. also directly impact men’s ability to “conquer” the bed.
    – Having undergone surgery or congenital problems with the spinal cord, the pelvic structure affects the nerves and blood vessels in the penis, causing damage.
    – Side effects of some sedatives, some diuretics, antidepressants, and antihypertensive drugs.
    – Frequent use of stimulants such as cigarettes, drugs, coffee; Insufficient nutrition, etc. also affects male physiology.
    – Irregular lifestyle: Overuse of masturbation, sex, sedentary habits cause the penis to operate at high frequency, ejaculate continuously, causing difficulty in ejaculation, risk leading to Impotence.
    – Psychological stress: Frequent fatigue, pressure, psychological trauma… also affect desire and sperm quality. Because then, the body will produce steroid hormones that inhibit endogenous testosterone production, delaying sperm production. (2)

Why is it necessary to enhance physiology in men?

  • Turning 40 years old, men’s health changes significantly, directly affecting both the bedroom and life. During this period, the concentration of the male hormone testosterone continuously decreases, leading to men not wanting to have sex with their wives or partners. Masturbation also becomes limited because it takes a lot of time to achieve orgasm.
  • In addition, health is no longer as good as it was during the “glorious” days, making men no longer confident in their performance. Even men are obsessed with the bedroom, and many “men” feel guilty because their partners are not satisfied.
  • To solve the problem of “afraid to love”, men need to take measures to enhance scientific physiology, improve physical strength, and persistent physiological health to make married life happier.

11 ways to safely enhance male physiology right at home

1. Build a healthy diet

A poor, unhealthy diet is the main cause of gradually decreasing testosterone levels. Therefore, men need to change their nutritional regimen to suit their body’s health. In addition, supplementing nutrients: fat, zinc, omega 3, vitamin C… is essential to maintain male vitality.

2. Supplement foods to enhance physiology

2.1 Foods rich in zinc

Foods rich in zinc include meat and shellfish (oysters, crabs, shrimp, etc.) which are very beneficial for sperm production in men. Zinc deficiency can negatively affect male fertility such as low testosterone and reduced sperm quality. Therefore, men ensure appropriate zinc intake to help improve sperm quality and enhance fertility.

2.2 Foods rich in Vitamins – B9, B12, C, E

Vitamin-rich foods greatly affect physiological enhancement in men, specifically:

  • Vitamin C is found in abundance in fruits and vegetables such as oranges, kiwis, strawberries, potatoes, tangerines, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli… Vitamin C not only protects sperm from damage caused by caused by free radicals but also improves sperm count and mobility.
  • Vitamin B9 is found in foods such as: asparagus, spinach, lettuce, strawberries, oranges, bananas, whole grains, black beans… Men with low vitamin B9 levels in the body make sperm malformation.
  • Vitamin B12 is found in many foods such as eggs, green vegetables, meat and poultry… If men are deficient in vitamin B12, it can cause a decrease in sperm count, reduce sperm DNA damage and possibility of pregnancy for women.
  • Vitamin E contains essential antioxidants that act as a barrier to protect sperm, helping to increase testosterone levels. Foods rich in vitamin E include: spinach, cabbage, seafood, tomatoes, kale, bell peppers, egg yolks, beans, etc.
  • Foods rich in the antioxidant lycopene

In the human body, lycopene acts as an antioxidant that protects cells from oxidation caused by free radicals. Lycopene helps healthy sperm, promoting mobility and movement, thereby helping sperm to be healthy, have high fertilization ability, and avoid male infertility problems. Foods rich in the antioxidant lycopene include gac, tomatoes, red guava, papaya, red peppers, watermelon, etc.

2.3 Foods rich in the amino acid L-Arginine

The role of L-arginine is very important for “men” because the amino acid in L-arginine is responsible for sexual function. When men are sexually stimulated or have desire, L-arginine in the body stimulates the release of NO, causing blood vessels to expand, creating conditions for blood to move strongly and abundantly to the genitals.

Blood rushes down and fills the corpora cavernosa, helping the penis become erect and maintain a long-lasting erection. Therefore, you need to supplement foods rich in the amino acid L-Arginine such as fish, red meat, poultry, soybeans, whole grains,… to help maintain men’s performance.

3. Eat less fat, fried and processed foods

Fried foods contain a lot of fat and insoluble fat, causing obesity, overweight, dangerous atherosclerosis, hindering blood circulation and testosterone levels, leading to erectile dysfunction. Directly affects male physiology.

In addition, foods that are too salty or too sweet are not good for men’s physiological health. Eating too sweet will cause poor blood circulation, sympathetic nervous system disorders, and erectile ability will also be affected. Therefore, to prevent men’s physiological decline, you need to limit processed foods, pickles, canned foods, etc.

4. Cut down on wine, beer, and alcoholic beverages

When men use alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and stimulants, it will directly affect physiological health such as: reduced sperm quality, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction…

Cut down on wine, beer, and alcoholic beverages
Cut down on wine, beer, and alcoholic beverages

5. Do not smoke cigarettes and products containing nicotine

Ingredients found in cigarettes and nicotine-containing products have the ability to inhibit the activity of the choline acetyltransferase enzyme system, causing sperm deformities, reducing sperm production, and reducing sperm mobility. More dangerously, it also seriously affects the blood flow to the penis, making it unable to have a long-term erection, even causing impotence. Therefore, staying away from cigarettes and nicotine-containing products is a way for men to protect their reproductive health in particular and general health in general.

no smoke
no smoke

6. Exercise regularly

Exercising not only helps men increase their attractiveness to each other but also helps enhance male physiology. When exercising, it will help the body produce testosterone, an important factor that shows male performance. Therefore, exercising by doing push-ups, jogging, weight training, etc. helps men increase flexibility and increase vitality.

7. Control mood and stress

Balancing work and life will help men feel more comfortable. On the contrary, men always live in stress, pressure… which will affect their mood and no longer want to have sex, and the quality of sex will also decrease. Therefore, set up a schedule for yourself and a comfortable lifestyle to help men overcome physiological weakness, slow down the aging process and stay fit and in shape.

8. Get enough sleep, avoid staying up late

Adults in general should sleep 7-8 hours/day. As for men, if they sleep less than 5 hours/day and this situation lasts continuously for 1 week, the endogenous testosterone concentration in the body will decrease, causing men’s physiological function to be noticeably weaker.

9. Limit watching porn and excessive masturbation

Watching porn or masturbating regularly makes men unable to control the ejaculation of their penis. Over time, it leads to erectile dysfunction, mild cases can lead to impotence, and severe cases can cause infertility, affecting the quality of life and the relationship between husband and wife.

10. Having sex properly and in moderation helps overcome physiological weaknesses in men

Having sex properly and in scientific moderation is also a way for men to enhance their bedroom ability. The average frequency of sex is about 2-3 times/week. However, men should not be too indulgent and have high-frequency sex for a long time, this not only affects sperm quality but also causes the body to fall into a state of drowsiness, fatigue, and depression. weakness,…

11. Do not wear clothes that are tight to the genitals

Wearing underwear that is too tight will cause the penis area to easily get hot. This causes the testicles to reduce the ability to produce sperm due to a decrease in men’s testosterone levels, gradually losing men’s inherent masculinity.

In addition, wearing clothes that are too tight will affect blood circulation, causing dermatological problems, male infections, etc.

5 exercises to effectively help improve male physiology

1. Kegel exercises

Born in the 50s of the 20th century, it was initiated by American obstetrician Arnold Kegel. Pelvic floor muscle exercises help support health and strengthen men’s organs, improve desire and increase sexual ability. Currently, this exercise is gradually popular and widely applied in Vietnam and many countries around the world.

The benefits of Kegel exercises are very outstanding, such as: better control of ejaculation, improvement of erectile dysfunction, bringing more emotions in bed when “having sex”, reducing the risk of diseases. related to the prostate,…

2. Yoga exercises

Soft and flexible movements help men achieve maximum pleasure during intercourse. Some Yoga exercises that improve men’s physiological abilities include: grasshopper pose, cobra pose, bow pose. (3)

3. Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises are considered one of the effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction and enhance physiology for men. These exercises not only help tone the entire body and eliminate excess fat, but also improve erectile ability. Thanks to that, men improve their ability in bed, increase intercourse time, and sublimate their emotions.

4. Plank exercise

This is an exercise to treat erectile dysfunction that “men” should not ignore. In addition to the ability to treat erectile dysfunction, Plank exercise also helps men enhance male physiology because Plank movements mainly affect the body. abdominal muscles, helping to train the lower abdominal muscles, controlling the “expulsion” time in the most effective way.

5. Weight lifting exercises

This exercise is not only good for muscles and increases vitality for men, but also improves sexual health and increases testosterone levels. Therefore, if you want to improve your sex life, do some dumbbell lifts or push-ups.

In addition to significantly increased testosterone levels and improved libido, weight lifting exercises also help strengthen the shoulders, chest and abdominal muscles, help men stay supple, and improve sexual intercourse time.

Doctor’s advice

Enhancing men’s physiology at home is extremely simple, depending on men’s ability to exercise and protect their health, such as:

Diet and living habits are very important in improving and preventing erectile dysfunction.
Balance the nutritional ingredients in each meal, eat on time, don’t skip meals.
If you have changed your lifestyle and diet but your erectile dysfunction still does not improve, you should quickly go to a hospital with a specialist in Andrology for examination, diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Physical health training

Questions related to methods of improving male vitality

1. Can erectile dysfunction in men be cured?

  • Have. Erectile dysfunction in men is completely curable. What men need to do is:
  • Change your lifestyle, avoid prolonged stress and anxiety, which weaken the body and affect your health.
  • Improve and explore risk factors, do not eat foods high in fat and salt, and limit salty intake.
  • Limit using computers too much and exercise regularly.
  • Do not smoke, stay away from alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine.
  • Do not use stimulants or addictive substances.
  • Have a healthy life, go to bed early at night and get enough sleep.

2. What should men eat to enhance their physiology?

To enhance physiology, men should eat the following foods:

Rich in vitamins such as: fish, dark green vegetables, seeds, beef, lamb, broccoli, pork, eggs, mushrooms, nuts, bell peppers,…
Foods rich in the antioxidant lycopene such as gac, tomatoes, red guava, papaya, red peppers, watermelon,…
Foods rich in the amino acid L-Arginine such as fish, red meat, poultry, soybeans, whole grains, etc.
Foods containing lots of zinc: meat, shellfish (oysters, crabs, shrimp, etc.)

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