What Is Painful Ejaculation?


When ejaculating, most men will achieve orgasm. However, some men will feel embarrassed when ejaculation is painful, but it is a fairly common symptom. Pain during ejaculation can seriously affect men’s sex life in particular and health in general.

What is pain after ejaculation?

Painful ejaculation is during intercourse. When it comes to ejaculation, men do not reach orgasm but feel pain in the penis, testicles, urethra or vagina (the area between the anus and genitals). outside).

The feeling of pain after ejaculation is very noticeable. Sometimes, this feeling will spread to the groin, pelvic area, lower abdomen and back. This is considered an unusual symptom during sex that men need to pay attention to.

What causes painful ejaculation?

In most men, painful ejaculation is due to a medical condition. Sometimes, pain during ejaculation is also a normal physiological phenomenon. When this happens, some people may need support in the form of psychotherapy to manage their health condition.

Painful ejaculation due to prostate disorders

Painful ejaculation due to problems with the prostate. Some prostate problems include:

  • Prostatitis is one of the causes of painful ejaculation, most common in men under 50 years old. Prostatitis can cause painful urination or frequent urination during the day. Other manifestations of the disease include lower abdominal pain and difficulty having an erection. Prostatitis causes the male prostate gland to become red, swollen and inflamed. Prostatitis can also be caused by many other causes such as nerve damage or urinary tract infections that damage the prostate. Men with diabetes have a risk factor for this disease because they are susceptible to nerve damage leading to prostatitis.
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia causes the prostate to enlarge, which can also affect ejaculation, specifically painful ejaculation. In addition, men with benign prostatic hyperplasia may also experience difficulty urinating or frequent urination.
  • Prostate surgery and prostate cancer can also cause painful ejaculation.
    prostate disorder
Prostate disorders can cause you to experience painful ejaculation
Prostate disorders can cause you to experience painful ejaculation

Painful ejaculation after surgery

Some types of surgery can cause some unwanted effects, including painful ejaculation which can be referred to as prostatectomy. This is a procedure to remove all or part of the prostate and some nearby tissue, used to treat prostate cancer. Side effects of surgery include erectile dysfunction and penile and testicular pain. Surgery to repair a (groin) hernia can also cause painful ejaculation.

Painful ejaculation due to cysts or stones

In case of painful ejaculation, the cause is the development of cysts or stones in the ejaculatory duct. They can interfere with the ejaculation process, cause painful ejaculation and can cause infertility.

Due to the use of drugs to treat depression

Treatment with antidepressants can cause sexual dysfunction including painful ejaculation, changes in sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.

Due to tarsal tunnel syndrome

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is understood as a condition in which there is some damage to the nerves in the pelvis. That can lead to genital and rectal pain. Some conditions that can affect the lumbar nerves include trauma, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

Cancer treatment with radiotherapy

Cancer treatment with radiation therapy to the pelvis can lead to erectile dysfunction, including painful ejaculation. However, these unwanted effects are usually only temporary.

Due to psychological problems

In some cases, the exact cause of painful ejaculation cannot be determined. If men don’t feel pain when masturbating, it could be due to emotions.

Due to sexually transmitted diseases

A variety of sexually transmitted infections can make ejaculation uncomfortable and post-ejaculation testicular pain. Men may notice a burning sensation when ejaculating, urinating, or both. Genital tract bacteria such as Chlamydia and trichomonas are the cause of this condition.

Genital tract bacteria such as Chlamydia and trichomonas

If you experience pain after ejaculation, it may be caused by genital tract bacteria
If you experience pain after ejaculation, it may be caused by genital tract bacteria

What should I do if I experience pain after ejaculation?

Painful ejaculation causes many difficulties and even affects men’s psychology. When experiencing this condition, men can do some of the following measures to reduce the feeling of pain.

  • Make sure to keep the genitals clean;
  • You should not wear underwear or pants that are too tight as this will cause the penis to always be in a state of compression, making it easy to experience pain after ejaculation.
    For the first time, if there is pain after ejaculation and is not accompanied by a sharp pain when urinating, there may be external damage. What you need to do is to keep your genitals in a relaxed state and avoid strong impacts. You should even avoid having sex for a week, the painful feeling will pass quickly.
  • If you experience frequent pain after ejaculation and are accompanied by many other symptoms such as sharp pain when urinating, fever, vomiting… you need to quickly see a doctor and do tests, urine analysis, and testicular ultrasound. , seminal vesicles, semen analysis, prostate… to accurately determine the cause of the disease and provide timely treatment.
  • Some men feel embarrassed or uncomfortable discussing painful ejaculation with their doctor, so they may skip the early stages of treatment. However, when encountering an unusual condition, men should go to medical facilities for examination to get appropriate treatment advice.

Men who find themselves showing signs of testicular pain are recommended to see a doctor early.

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